Hourglass Full Body Tone

Hourglass Full Body Tone

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Are you trying to get that beautiful hourglass shape, but don't know how? Or is the current training you're doing not getting you those hourglass results you're after?

If that sounds familiar, then this six-week program is for YOU babe!!

To get that beautiful hourglass shape, I always stress the importance of focusing on your full body with your training...but in the right way! You need the right balance of lower body training, core work, and upper body training to properly develop your body in that hourglass shape.

So how do we do this?

In this six-week program, I'll take you through a series of supersets, followed by short rest times, but more importantly giving you the best exercises and program structure that will help you start to create that hourglass figure you're after!

About the Program:

📆 6-week training program
🏡 Gym + Home available (select from menu above)
⏳ Full body training to create the hourglass shape
🍑 Glute-based exercises
💪🏽 Upper body + ab routines
💦 Cardio provided
🎥 Video demonstrations for every exercise
👣 Step-by-step format, easy to follow!
📲 Downloadable to all devices
⏰ Accessible 24/7, never expires!

Training Style

  • properly structured series of supersets
  • short rest periods
  • proper programming (specific exercises, reps, sets)

Home Equipment Needed:

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